Ease Your Anxiety With Sedation Dentistry
By Advanced Dentistry
October 05, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Sedation Dentistry ProcedureGoing to the dentist can be nerve-racking. Some people even have a hard time thinking about going to the dentist and avoid it, which can lead to the deterioration of oral and dental health. If you're someone who's afraid of the dentist or suffers from some sort of anxiety at the thought of visiting your doctor, then you should discover how your dentist in State College, PA, Dr. Eddie Kotary can help relieve your anxiety.

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There are several methods of sedation dentistry used by your State College dentist. If you feel sedation dentistry is something that could benefit you, then here are a few options to consider when meeting with your dentist to discuss sedation:

  • Oral sedation: Individuals who opt for oral sedation will take a sedative pill about an hour before the procedure, or take medication a night before if that's something discussed with their doctor and is found to be a safer and more comfortable option for them. The patient can be sedated through the whole procedure and when they wake up, the dental treatment will already be over. Note that someone will have to drive you to and back from the dentist's office if this is your choice. Another example of oral sedation is oral conscious sedation. The person is very much awake during their treatment, but are relaxed and at ease.
  • Nitrous oxide: Oxygen is mixed with the nitrous oxide and is inhaled by the patient through a mask that's put over their face. The sedative, also known as laughing gas, will not put you to sleep but can help you relax before a procedure.
  • IV Conscious Sedation: This is when sedatives are delivered directly into your bloodstream. This is more powerful than oral sedation and has an almost immediate effect. Your doctor monitors you with specialized equipment during treatment. It's advantageous because of its immediate effect and how quickly and easily it can be adjusted if need be.

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