World’s first dental robot to come to State College

STATE COLLEGE – If you live in Centre County, your next dental assistant may be a robot.

STATE COLLEGE – If you live in Centre County, your next dental assistant may be a robot.

A dentist in State College is in the process of getting a robot that will assist him in dental surgery.

The best way to explain this thing it's like a Tesla car. It doesn't do all the work, it just gives feedback. When you drive a Tesla over the line, it tells you, and it gives warning when a car in front of you stops. That's exactly what the robot will be doing for Dr. Eddie Kotary.

"I'm super excited to be the first general dentist in the world to utilize Yomi," said Kotary, of Kotary Detar & Associates

It is the world's first robot-assisted dental surgical system.

The computerized system, better known as "Yomi," will help Kotary with his surgical procedures.

"This is going to allow me to place implants without having to use a scalpel in many cases or sutures in many cases,” Dr. Kotary said. “So, it kind of advances my belief in minimally invasive dentistry."

The navigation works from the planning stages all the way to the implant placement.

During the planning stages, the robot can take scans, then analyze the scan and help plan the procedure.

Yomi provides physical guidance by holding the drill in the present position, orientation and depth.

This process will make things cheaper and faster for both the dentist and patients.

"A patient comes in. Let’s say they break a tooth and they need an implant I can take it out and I can place the implant in immediately because I don’t need to send for a guide,” Kotary said. “The guide can cost anywhere from $200 to $500 just to fabricate (and it) will allow me to reduce my cost by that much."

Unlike traditional procedures, the system gives feedback and assistance in real time to help guide the surgeon's hand positions to ensure it's in the right place for the plan.

"It gives you a correction so you know exactly where you need to place it based on the program you designed," Kotary said.

Ultimately the dentist is in control, but Yomi can help alter the surgical plan during the process if needed.

"This is definitely the future of dentistry. This is the first step in robotics in dentistry," Kotary said.

The staff said they're excited about their robot. Yomi is expected to arrive within two weeks.