Pinhole Technique

The Pinhole® technique is a gingival recession technique created and patented by Dr John Chao back in 2006. It is a minimally invasive, scalpel and suture free technique that has been used for receding gum lines. In the past, gum recession was treated by a painful grafting procedure and many patients chose not to receive the treatment due to that discomfort. Gingival recession was treated by cutting tissue from the palate and grafting to where it was needed. Recuperation was a standard 2 to 3 weeks for this treatment. With the Chao Pinhole® technique, a pinhole is created in the gum, tissue is then shifted down and collagen strips are placed at the gum line to stabilize the flap. Though this technique may appear traumatic it is much less invasive than the previously used grafting technique. The Pinhole is not meant to cure gum disease but it is a treatment that can restore the gum line to normal levels. Dr Kotary is excited to offer this treatment to his patients. He is a certified Pinhole® dentist. This technique is published in the very prestigious International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry. The cost of the treatment is about the same as the more invasive grafting technique. Please ask our office about possible financing if interested in getting this treatment done. Keeping our smile beautiful can be achieved in many ways and the Pinhole® is one step we all can take in making our smiles brighter and our mouths healthier.


Pre Pinhole®Pinhole

3 weeks Post Pinhole®Pinhole

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